fruit baskets at the Boqueria Market, Las Ramblas, Barcelona.

This is the Paradise for foodies. Gastronomy is an essential part of our lifestyle, so the Barcelona Food tour is a must. Surely you’ve heard of tapas, paella, or sangria. If you want to live a genuine gourmet experience, let yourself be guided by a local.

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xurros and hot chocolate at the Petritxol street in Barcelona, the Gothic Quarter.
Churros with chocolate are a Barcelona classic. Would you like to try them where my grandmother used to take me when I was a child on Sundays?

In Barcelona, we are proud to have a large number of Michelin star restaurants. Many of them base their menus on Catalan and local cuisine. It is no coincidence that one of the best restaurants in the world is Catalan: “El Celler de Can Roca”. But to be honest, you don’t need a guide to accompany you in the tasting of a twenty‐course menu. I want to make you try the traditional, popular cuisine: what we usually eat with family and friends.

A fresh salad with fruits. Mediterranean diet. Barcelona food tour.
Mediterranean cuisine is famous for its variety of fruits and vegetables, that's why it is so healthy.

All my tours are personalized. The places we visit are previously agreed according to your wishes. The perfect way to start a food tour is by visiting one of the many fresh food markets in Barcelona. Although La Boqueria is the most famous and touristy market, others retain a little more authenticity. There are more than 40 food markets throughout the city! In them, you can discover our customs: what we eat, how and when. We spend a lot of time on our food, it is a fundamental part of our culture.

Mojito dessert on a Barcelona restaurant during the private Food Tour.
Barcelona's creativity is manifested not only in its art but also in its cuisine.
mackerel with vegetables, Barcelona food tour.
The sense of sight is also essential. This mackerel looks delicious, doesn't it?

After the food market, we can take a tapas tour through different restaurants, or if you prefer, a traditional menu in a single place. And let’s not forget the desserts! We have a great sweet tooth here, and in Barcelona, we have some of the most prestigious cake and ice‐cream shops where you can taste everything from the most traditional desserts to the most daring avant‐garde creations.

I am in charge of making reservations, explaining all the dishes, their ingredients, and how they are cooked. And if you let me advise you, I’m sure I can surprise you with something you’ve never eaten before. 

Croquettes. Traditional Catalan food.
In all my life, I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't like croquettes!
Meat with vegetables, Barcelona restaurant. Private food tour
In Barcelona you can find any kind of food, there is a huge variety.

If you eat paella for the first time, you will like it for sure. But you won’t know if it’s a good or traditional paella if you’ve never eaten it before. Many restaurants in Barcelona have hundreds of reviews on the Internet. Often they are reviews from people who have never tried our cuisine before. It is better to have someone local, who has eaten paella all his life, recommend and advise you. And the same goes for tapas, “pà amb tomàquet”, “crema catalana” or “fideuà”.

During this food tour, I will show you my favorite places. I will explain how we prepare traditional dishes, the way we eat them, what ingredients we use, and how. So, if you like cooking, you will be able to prepare the best recipes like tapas o paella for your guests at home.

*** Don't worry about your food preferences or allergies, the Barcelona food tour is plenty of choices.


All my tours are accessible for people with walking issues or wheelchair.

There are 27 restaurants and 37 Michelin stars in totally (2021).

Paella is the most popular Spanish food and, it is originally from Valencia. The main ingredient is rice, and the traditional recipe is made with vegetables. In Barcelona, we also prepare seafood paella and other versions.

The concept “tapa” refers to a small portion of food (hot or cold) served to accompany a drink as an appetizer. Tapas can be combined and shared among several people to end up being the main meal.  Tapas offer the opportunity to try a wider variety of dishes and are usually eaten with friends at bars.

There are 40 fresh food markets on the city.

Our gastronomy is very rich and varied, although there are some things you cannot miss, such as “pà amb tomàquet”, tapas, seafood paella, “fideuà”, bunyols, crema catalana, canelons or cava.

The price of a tour is starting at 210€. The prices are for your total party, not per person. Entrance fees or other extra expenses (like food, drinks, or transport) are not included. Because each visit is customized contact me for a precise budget.

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