What is Barcelona famous for?

Spain square, Plaça Espanya with a fountain and two Venetian towers, Barcelona. Montjuic at the background.

The cultural and artistic heritage is so immense that wanting to embrace it all can be overwhelming. That’s why it is necessary to get a private guide when you travel. Don’t miss the best of Barcelona City.

Beautiful modernist building in red brick and colored ceramics.
Did you know that there are 9 UNESCO monuments in Barcelona? Like the Hospital de Sant Pau by Domènech i Montaner.

So, What is Barcelona famous for?  Barcelona is a Mediterranean city with excellent beaches and good weather. Art, gastronomy, and sports excel exceptionally. Gaudi‘s architecture, 28 Michelin stars restaurants (2024), and the Barcelona Football Club (soccer) have made our city a world-famous travel destination. Barcelona is much more. The artistic and cultural heritage is so immense that wanting to embrace it all can be overwhelming. That is why the advice of a professional is so necessary: book a private guide. If this is your first time in Barcelona, I’m sure you know someone who has already been and recommended it to you. And if you repeat, then you already know why you are coming back!

Barcelona famous for the Gothic Quarter and the Cathedral.
One of the unmissable visits is the Gothic Quarter and the Cathedral, with more than 1,600 years of history!

Barcelona is a lively city where there is always something to do: historical parades, open-air festivals, shows, religious traditions, or, street markets. With a local guide, familiar with the events calendar, you will know where and when the best things are happening!

The catalan flag and a market building. El Born CCM. Centre de cultura i memòria. Barcelona
The Catalan flag and the old Born market with a surprise inside: the most fascinating archeological site of the city.

Barcelona’s personality is manifested above all in its people, neighborhoods, customs, traditions, gastronomy… Barcelona’s citizens are open and friendly and Barcelona is a vivacious city where there’s always something going on: traditional parades, outdoor festivals, cultural performances, street markets… Our Mediterranean character is manifested in knowing how to enjoy life and at the same time, the Catalan culture makes us work hard, be responsible and committed. We are defined by the “seny” and the “rauxa”, something almost impossible to translate, but that I can show you and explain it like so many other aspects of our lifestyle.

Fountain decorated with flowers and an egg on the jet of water
If you look closely you will see an egg on top of the water jet. It's called "L'ou com balla", and it's a singular tradition in Barcelona.

With more than 2,000 years of history, Barcelona is known for its monuments, gastronomy, museums, good weather, and charming corners. Whether you are traveling as a couple, with friends or family, you will always find a perfect plan.

Art nouveau fountain with a modernist building on the background. Barcelona.
Passeig de Gràcia is a beautiful avenue in Barcelona. Not only for its architecture but also its street furniture: fountains, lampposts, pavement, or benches.

Barcelona was founded 20 centuries ago, during the Roman Empire. The historical and artistic heritage is exceptional. To understand it better, we like to explain it as two cities: the oldest part Ciutat Vella (old town), and the modern Eixample (extension). Moreover, Barcelona is surrounded by neighborhoods with their history and character. Many of them were independent municipalities until little more than a century ago, such as GràciaSarrià, or Sants.

Fresh fruits on a food market in Barcelona.
Barcelona is known for its good cuisine. You would enjoy a great variety of fresh products in more than 40 markets throughout the city. Bon profit!

Talking about Barcelona is synonymous with two great symbols: Antoni Gaudí, the architect of La Sagrada Família, and the Barcelona Football Club (one of the most famous soccer teams in the world). We love sports, and one of our favorite sports is eating. The Mediterranean cuisine manifests itself in each place in a different way, and here we have, besides tapas, and good wine something very characteristic: “pà amb tomàquet” and cava. You can’t leave without having tried them. We like to say that we are what we eat, and we take it very seriously!

In Barcelona, weather is not a problem. You can travel all year round. Our Mediterranean climate makes the winters mild and sunny, ideal for walking outdoors.


Ideally, you should book as far in advance as possible. During spring and summer (April to September) demand is much higher so if you are still planning your trip and have flexibility, my recommendation is to travel to Barcelona in winter. This is the best time of year to visit us at your own pace, without crowds, and in good weather! Our Mediterranean climate makes the winters mild and sunny, ideal for walking outdoors.

sailboats at the Olympic Port of Barcelona
Some people bath on the beach every day of the year! If you visit us in winter, but not so brave, you can always enjoy the sea by sailboat.

Knowing our history is essential to understand our present. When you visit Barcelona, you will have many questions, and the best way to answer them is with a local guide. I will be happy to accompany you, with your friends or your family, to guide you and offer you the best in my city. Tell me what you like, what your interests are, and your hobbies and I will tell you what will surprise you most about my city.


Map of Spain and Catalonia in Europe


Population: 47 M.

Extension: 505,990km² (195,360 sq mi)

Map of Catalonia


Population: 7,7 M.

Extension: 32,108 km² (12,397 sq mi)

Map of Barcelona and its districts


Population: 1,6M

Extension: 101.4 km² (39.2 sq mi)

Currency: € Euro 

Official language: Catalan & Spanish (many people also speak English)

Nicknames & abbreviations: “Ciutat Comtal”, “Barna”, BCN

International Airport: El Prat- Josep Tarradelles (30 minutes driving from the city center)

International Cruises Port : Port de Barcelona (on the city center)

International Rail Station : Estació de Sants. High speed rail to Madrid and to Toulusse-Marseille-Paris.

Public transportation: Metropolitan subway, bus, tramway & taxi.

Main industries: Tourism, chemical and metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, fashion, design & biotechnologies

Official website: https://www.barcelona.cat/en/ 

If you want to know more about Barcelona and Catalonia check out Barcelonartguide on Instagram.


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