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the spring sun made of trencadis mosaic at the Park GĂĽell by GaudĂ­, Barcelona.
Macarena Bergada, licensed guide at Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona

Macarena Bergada

Art Historian & Licensed Guide

Hola! My name is Macarena Bergada, I’m a Barcelona native. I consider myself a dynamic, enthusiastic, fun, and happy person, like my city. I feel lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and I am proud to be able to show you the best of Barcelona. With more than ten years of experience, I can assure you that this profession is my passion.

I am a licensed guide by the Catalan government, la Generalitat de Catalunya, a guarantee of quality and professionalism. I have performed many tours in Catalonia and around Europe, I work with travel agencies, cultural companies, luxury hotels, cruise ships, incentive tours, V. I. P. s, and private tours.

I feel lucky to meet people from all over the world and show them my city. With more than ten years of experience, I can assure you that this profession is my passion. 

Gothic quarter guided tour, Barcelona. Macarena Bergada

I am an Art historian, graduated from the UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and the Università degli studi di Roma Tor Vergata. Specialist in architecture and landscaping from the ENSA-V (École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles) and Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Paris. I have lived and studied in Rome, Paris, and London so I speak Italian, French, and English fluently, in addition to my mother tongues: Catalan and Spanish.

I am passionate about Antoni GaudĂ­ and Pablo Picasso. I love gastronomy and, of course, traveling. I like to study and participate in courses and conferences about art, history, and architecture. It is necessary to be updated on the latest research to offer quality and contrasted explanations.

Live tour La Barceloneta. Macarena Bergada.
Private tour of the Gothic quarter with a local guide.

My experience as a guide is also in the field of educational and didactic activities. I am part of the permanent team on La Sagrada Família since 2017, carrying out visits with students of all ages and private protocol tours for VIP visitors. It is a privilege for me to work in the most important monument of my country and show it to the world. 

I have a lot of patience and a sense of humor, an outgoing, communicative, and empathetic personality that fits perfectly with my dedication. For me, it is not only important to know how to explain, but also to listen to what each traveler wants to experience and adapt to at all times. I want to offer you the best in my country and my culture. Let me guide you and you will enjoy a memorable experience discovering Barcelona and Catalonia.

All my tours are tailor-made and personally done by me because I don’t settle for standard when I travel either. I demand quality and personalized service, and that is what I offer. 

One of my favorite hobbies is photography. Throughout 2020 I have taken the opportunity to walk around the city again, observe it and photograph it. All the pictures on this website are mine. If you want to see more images and videos about Barcelona, check #barcelonartguide on Instagram. You will find posts about monuments, history, and gastronomy, as well as tips and practical information.

I look forward to seeing you in Barcelona!

Macarena Bergada. 

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