Inside the Sagrada Familia. Stone columns and geometrical ceiling by Gaudí, Barcelona.

The most extraordinary monument designed by Antoni Gaudí is this church. With the Sagrada Familia private tour, you will visit the interior, discovering what it means and its history. Don’t worry about how to get skip-the-line tickets. I’m a local guide and I will take care of everything. 

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Sagrada familia towers and the School building "escoles" from the outside.
Gaudí built a school for the workers' children. So they could study while their parents were working.

This visit lasts about 2 hours and we will see the inside of the Basilica, the Nativity and Passion facades, the deambulatory, a unique type of cloister, and the museum. It is also possible to visit the bell towers if you wish. Just keep in mind that tickets sometimes sell out, and the capacity of the towers is very limited, so I recommend you contact me as soon as possible so I can get skip-the-line tickets at the time that suits you best.

Sagrada Familia by Gaudi inside. Stone columns, geometrical ceiling and colored stained-glass.
The inside of the Sagrada Familia is spectacular. Gaudi's style is unique, and this is his masterpiece.

The tour to the Sagrada Familia is private, just for you and yours. It means you can ask me all the questions you want and stop to look at or take pictures of what interests you the most. I will explain everything you want to know about Antoni Gaudí and the Sagrada Familia project. And if you come with children, I will tour adapted so they can participate and have fun.

The light and color of the interior are magical. Throughout the day the colors are transformed: from the coldest blues and greens to the most intense and warm yellows, oranges, and reds. Strolling through the forest of columns that Gaudí imagined and that we can admire today is a privilege and an unforgettable experience.

La Sagrada familia, the Nativity entrance. Sculptures of Jesus birth with the virgin Marie and St Joseph, the angels and shepherds. Barcelona tour.
Each sculpture of the Sagrada Familia has a meaning and a message. Imagine how many stories and anecdotes there are to discover!
Inside of la Sagrada Familia, Barcelona. The reflection of the stained-glass on the columns.
During the day the interior changes by the sunlight and the colors of the stained glass windows, as if it were alive. Every moment is unique.

If you desire and there is availability, the tour can finish with a visit to the towers. From the top, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Barcelona and, you will be able to appreciate some of the details of the construction. The way up is by elevator and the way down is by the spiral staircase.

With my Sagrada Familia private tour, you will understand why this building is not finished yet, why the construction is taking so long, and why millions of people are coming every year from all over the world to admire it. This monument is not just another church; it is something you cannot miss because it is the perfect union between art, tradition, spirituality, and technology.

Passion entrance on La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona. Stone sculptures representing Eastern and Jesus Crucifixion by Subirachs
Many other artists have worked on the Sagrada Familia. Some have left their mark, such as J.M. Subirachs, the sculptor of the Passion façade.
Inside the Sagrada Familia. Stone columns and geometrical ceiling by Gaudí, Barcelona.
Gaudí wanted to reproduce in his architecture the language of Nature: geometry. That is why his structures are so harmonious.

I have been an internal specialized guide of the Sagrada Familia since 2016, and as an art historian, this visit is undoubtedly my favorite one. The best part of my job is when I see the surprise and admiration of the expressions of the visitors entering La Sagrada Família for the first time. It excites me and fills me with pride. For me, explaining and enjoying Antoni Gaudí's architecture is a privilege that I love to share.


Due to the characteristics of the towers, wheelchair access is not possible, but the rest of the basilica is accessible for people with walking issues or wheelchair. 

The works began in 1882 and, it is still under construction (139years). It was supposed to be finished in 2026 (centenary of Gaudí’s death). But due to the world pandemic, it is not known when it will be finished.

General: 26€

Student: 24€

Sénior: 21€ 

Under 11 years old free 

No, is a “basilica”. A cathedral is the seat of the bishop. It is a different hierarchical category and has nothing to do with the architecture or the size of a building. Barcelona’s Cathedral is in the gothic quarter.

The towers offer a unique viewpoint over the Sagrada Família construction and the entire city. From the Nativity towers, you can see the most modern part of Barcelona. From the Passion towers, you can see the hill of Montjuic and the old part of the city.

In both cases, you go up by elevator and down by the stairs.

It is not the largest in the world but is supposed to be the tallest when completed: 172.5m / 566 ft.

Yes, it is a Catholic church in function since 2010.

 It means de “Holy” or “Sacred” family: Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph (the son and the parents).

It was commissioned by the religious brotherhood of the devotees of St. Joseph, led by Josep Maria Bocabella, to spread the devotion to the Holy Family.

Yes, there are some restrictions like other catholic churches, the most important: clothes must cover shoulders and knees. For more information on access regulations, please consult the official website of the Sagrada Familia. 

The price of the Sagrada Familia private tour is starting at 210€. The prices are for your total party, not per person. Entrance fees or other extra expenses (like food, drinks, or transport) are not included. Because each visit is customized contact me for a precise budget.

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