Macarena Bergada on a virtual tour at the Park Güell, Barcelona.

Walk with me through the streets of Barcelona. Feel the atmosphere of the city on live. Discover new places from the comfort of your home and travel to Barcelona with my virtual tours. 

Can’t you travel right now? Are you planning your next trip to Barcelona, and do you have plenty of questions or doubts? Have you been to Barcelona, and would you like to share with your family and friends the experience? Virtual tours are having great success. It is a live experience (not recorded) delivered personally by me, using video conferencing software. Travel to Barcelona without leaving home!

If you’ve never tried before, I recommend it. There is always a first time for everything, and if you try this new way of traveling, I am sure you will repeat it. Now, thanks to virtual tours, we can discover other cultures of the world from the comfort of our living rooms.

Barcelona city hall, outside. Plaça Sant Jaume.
Barcelona city hall on Sant Jaume square,the Gothic Quarter.
The Rooftop of the Batlló House by Gaudí.
The Rooftop of the Batlló House by Gaudí on Passeig de Gràcia.

Online tours are also exciting for me. You will feel as if you were in Barcelona, and I will travel virtually to your home, very cool!

We can talk, and I can explain and show you what I love most about my city. Besides, because this is a live experience, in real-time, you can ask me questions and guide me so I can show you with my camera what you want to see and stop at the details that interest you most. I will be your guide and intermediary so you can interact with the environment from your home. You will see the people passing by on the street, feeling immersed in the atmosphere of the city as if you were by my side. 

The view during Barcelona virtual tours with the Arc de Triomf
This is one of the views you can enjoy during the Ciutadella virtual tour: the triumphal arch of Barcelona.
The concierge pavilion at the Park Güell during a Barcelona virtual tour
Virtual tours are private, I can stop and show you the details you prefer, like this pavilion at the Park Güell.

The new way of traveling, learning, and discovering. Haven’t you tried it yet?

It can be a very original way to entertain your guests if you organize a meeting or party at home. Can you imagine offering them a live virtual trip to Barcelona? Connect the computer to the TV screen and let everyone enjoy!

Maybe your parents are elderly or perhaps a family member or friend can’t travel for personal or health reasons but would love to visit Barcelona? Bring them a unique and personalized experience. You can share the booking link with up to 10 people and enjoy the experience together. 

Barcelona beach, the Arts Hotel and the fish sculpture by Frank Ghery.
Now you can enjoy a walk through the Barceloneta from anywhere in the world and in real-time!

You will live a unique immersive journey that will take you to Barcelona.

I propose several visit options that, due to the environment, are ideal for a live virtual tour: they are mostly pedestrian areas and therefore with little noise that interferes with the streaming. As with all the activities I organize, virtual tours are customized, because is fundamental to offer a high-quality service. Before the online tour, we will discuss the topics routes or places you want to know in particular. 

guide touring a virtual visit of the Park Guell, Barcelona.
Before traveling to Barcelona, you can take a virtual tour. You will have a better idea of what you can do and visit.
All virtual tours are outdoors, my proposals are:

Not convinced yet? Contact me to arrange a free trial and show you how it works.


We will organize a videoconference through Jitsi Meet and I will be streaming live from the place you have chosen. You only need a good internet connection; you don’t need to download any app or create an account. Just click the link I will send to you. 

It is the most comfortable and safest way to travel right now. Are adapted to your interests and personalized in real-time and it is an interactive activity. Contact me to arrange a free trial and show you how it works.

My virtual live tours last for about 1,5h and the price is 100€. 

The booking link can be used on up to 10 devices, so you can share it with your family and friends. 

The tour can be in Español, English, Italiano, Français, or Català.

We will agree on the schedule of the tour according to the time zone of your region. In Barcelona, the official time is UTC/GMT +1 hour. 

A trip to Barcelona in mind?