What to do in Barcelona with kids? One of the most fun is the dragon’s tour.  These fascinating beings inspire tales, legends, and even series and movies. The little ones will be thrilled to become seekers and riders of dragons and fantastic animals of all kinds.

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A modernist lamp with a dragon inside the Amatller House. Barcelona
Barcelona's street lamps are so beautiful that they deserve a special visit! This one is at the entrance of Casa Amatller.

If you travel with kids or teenagers you will know how often is complicated to entertain or involve them in cultural activities. Well, that’s my specialty. I love to design experiences specially organized for children and teenagers

Barcelona is a city full of dragons and fantastic animals. Some people have even dedicated books to this subject. Finding the dragons that live all over the city can be a pleasant time for the whole family. Besides, these creatures share space with other fantastic and mythological beings, many of them with a very original story. 

Bat sculpture on the Arc de Triomf, Barcelona with kids.
One of the historical symbols of Barcelona is the bat. Would you like to know why?

Barcelona is an ideal city to visit with the family. Children love it because it’s full of striking monuments, decorated with animals, flowers, sculptures, and colors of all kinds. With this private tour, designed specifically for kids, they will learn about our history and culture through legends and folktales. 

As the kids search carefully throughout the city, they will discover unusual monuments and incredible stories about Barcelona and its dragons. It is an interactive guided tour: we will use a dossier of games and crafts. Finally, children and parents will create together a handmade travel souvenir from Barcelona.

Dragons on the door of the Lleo i Morera house, passeig de gràcia. Barcelona
We can found a lot of dragons in modernist buildings, as in the Lleó I Morera House.
Dragons and snails on an iron vase. Barcelona. Ciutadella parc
Have you seen the snails? They are not fantastic beings, but very cute, aren't they?

In Barcelona, there are dragons of all kinds. Some are evil and we will have to protect ourselves from them. Others are magical and bring us good luck. There are huge ones and tiny ones. Some can spit fire and other water. We will find dragons and magical animals in the most unexpected places we didn’t even know existed.

You can choose to do the itinerary in any part of the city because there are fantastic dragons everywhere. For example, we can tour the Gothic Quarter, the oldest part of Barcelona. Or stroll through the “Eixample” the Modernist city, and see some of Gaudi‘s houses, which of course, also have dragons!

A dragon gargoyle on Barcelona Cathedral, the Gothic Quarter.
Gargoyles are a classic. In Barcelona, we also have a unicorn, but I don't show it because you will have to find it yourselves!
Dragon sculpture on Las Ramblas, Barcelona with kids tour.
This is my favorite dragon! It is one of the most beautiful ones, and it is on Las Ramblas.

Inspired by this original topic, this walking tour combines mythology, art, stories, and legends. I designed this activity to capture children's attention and motivate them. They will learn while having fun. We will discover the past of our city, as well as some of the most famous monuments. Dragons are hiding from everyone's eyes. Are you ready to discover them?


All my tours are accessible for people with walking issues or wheelchair.

Absolutely. You can add extra hours, combine it with another visit or choose to do a full-day tour. There are many ways to enjoy Barcelona with kids. In addition to the visits that I propose I can always prepare something tailored to the ages of the children or teenagers.

The price of this Dragons tour is starting at 210€. The price is for your total party, not per person. Entrance fees or other extra expenses (like food, drinks, or transport) are not included. Because each visit is customized contact me for a precise budget. 

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