Barcelona treasure hunt. Stone modernist mail box with swallows, a tortoise and ivy.

Are you looking for a cultural and entertaining activity to enjoy with your family or friends during your trip to Barcelona? Here it is! The Barcelona treasure hunt on the Gothic Quarter is the perfect adventure to enjoy between kids, teens, and adults. 

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Wax Museum entrance, Barcelona. Las Ramblas. Museu de cera.
Will you be able to find this beautiful hidden building and guess what it holds inside?

Are you ready to discover some of the funniest secrets of the Gothic Quarter? Don’t miss any of the main attractions, forget the map, save time. Share with your loved ones a memorable journey through the history of Barcelona.

Most of the old town is pedestrian, so it is the perfect place to play outdoors. Always together, but with some freedom for the youngest to feel like little detectives solving puzzles and surprising themselves with unexpected and original stories and anecdotes. During the visit, I show you and explain the most charming and ancient places of Barcelona, its history and legends. Some of the stories you have to discover and guess by yourselves, participating actively, with the clues that I will give you.

Barcelona treasure hunt, people playing on the Gothic quarter.
Actively participating in a track game is much more entertaining for everyone, not just the youngest.

A classic guided tour can sometimes be tiresome for the youngest members of the family. Let me accompany you through the labyrinth of narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter. Materials, itinerary, and challenges are always adapted and customized to the interests and ages of the participants: kids, teenagers or adults! Let me know if you are interested in a particular topic so I can personalize the tour. We will all laugh, think and test our skills. The whole family will learn a lot about Barcelona and its history and have fun at the same time. 

A stone shield with two angels, a helmet and a dragon on the Barcelona city hall, Ajuntament. Sant Jaume square, Gothic Quarter
History and legends are often mixed. Use your imagination to discover what the sculptures tell us.
A stone mermaid on the Cathedral, Barcelona treasure hunt
With a little attention we can see the most curious details in the most unexpected places, like this mermaid, with two tails!
A sun sculpture on iron, the O letter on the Barcino sculpture. Barcelona treasure hunt. Gothic quarter.
The enigmas and quizzes are for everybody, to actively engage and enjoy the game together.
people playing on a Barcelona treasure hunt, creativity challenge. Gothic Quarter.
Test your creativity and imagination. The challenges of this treasure hunt will make your brain work!

You will enjoy watching the little ones learning and having a great time. We have to test our sense of orientation, our ability to observe, memory, and other artistic skills. During the Treasure Hunt, we sing, dance, learn and laugh, discovering the past of Barcelona.


All my tours are accessible for people with walking issues or wheelchair.

Absolutely, you can add extra hours, or choose to do a full day tour.

It is the historical center of Barcelona: from Plaza Catalunya to the Columbus Monument, and from Las Ramblas to Via Laietana.

The Gothic Quarter is just another neighborhood in Barcelona and has no opening hours. You can visit it at night, and it is safe, like the rest of the city. Violent crime is almost non-existent, but pickpockets are common in crowded tourist areas.

The price of this tour is starting at 210€. The prices are for your total party, not per person. Entrance fees or other extra expenses (like food, drinks, or transport) are not included. Because each visit is customized contact me for a precise budget.

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