Barcelona for kids. The main entrance of the Park Güell, with ceramic mosaics and columns.

The Park Güell is the most popular monument in Barcelona for kids. Why? Because is a garden took from a fantasy film in which time seems to have stopped. Hänsel & Gretel was the inspiration for Antoni Gaudí. Feel as if you were walking through a fairy tale!  

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The Guard House by Gaudi at the Park Guell, and Barcelona skyline at the background
The Park Güell is on a hill, so the panoramic views of Barcelona are amazing.

With this interactive activity, the whole family can learn about Gaudí and Barcelona. This educational guided tour is conceived to capture the attention and promote the participation of the youngest ones: kids and teens.

Sustainability, teamwork, friendship, love of nature, and the history of Barcelona and Antoni Gaudí are some of the topics that we can discuss during the tour. Even for the youngest children, the shapes and colors of the architecture of Park Güell can be attractive and motivating.

the spring sun made of trencadis mosaic at the Park Güell by Gaudí, Barcelona.
Look carefully. The mosaic is made with broken pieces of ceramic. Gaudí was already recycling more than 100 years ago!

This monument is the perfect place to understand how relevant it was to Gaudí the relationship between art and nature. Gaudi’s architecture is much more than beautiful. Together we will discover what is so special about this park and why it is a World Heritage Site. Barcelona is an ideal city for children, and if you come with your family you can’t miss Park Güell.

Any of the visits I propose can be adapted for a child or teenager audience. I also provide support material to motivate their creativity and participation. The involvement of children is essential for them to have fun, learn and at the same time live a beautiful experience with their family. I will feel fulfilled If they take home a great memory of their visit to Barcelona.

Park Güell undulating bench with ceramic mosaics an Barcelona views at the background. Antoni Gaudí
This bench is one of the most photographed places in Barcelona on Instagram.
leaning viaduct at the Park Güell by Gaudí, Barcelona.
Everything in Gaudí's architecture seems crooked but, he always had a reason to do it that way.
The Park Güell salamander sculpture, decorated with colorful mosaics. Barcelona
It is a must to take a picture with the nicest sculpture in Barcelona. The salamander is the superstar of the park.
Columns room with mosaics on the ceiling representing the four seasons. Park Güell, Barcelona for kids.
Park Güell, solumns room. Mosaics with the four seasons.

Visiting the Park Güell is like traveling to a magical and fantastic world. It leaves nobody indifferent. It is one of my favorite places in Barcelona for kids, one of the most special and original. Water, light, and color merge to create an extraordinary earthly paradise.


All my tours are accessible for people with walking issues or wheelchair.

Yes, without a doubt. Park Güell is one of the most original places in Barcelona. One of the monuments that you cannot miss. Don’t you want to sit on the most famous bench on Instagram? and take a picture with the friendliest salamander in Barcelona? Visiting only the free access zone you will miss the best of Gaudi. Besides the price of tickets is reasonable and have discounts for children, seniors, and groups.

In total there are 17 hectares = 42 acres of green area.  But the monumental area is small and the visit usually takes 1 – 2 hours.

Güell is a Catalan surname and is pronounced: [ɡweʎ] something like “WEYL”.

It is in the foothills of Collserola, the limits of Barcelona. You can get there by public transport, but it is complicated and slow. I recommend you go by cab. From the center, it can cost around 12€, and it fits 4 people.

From Park Güell the Sagrada Família is 5-10 minutes by cab (7€ approx) and 30 minutes walking. There is no direct connection by public transport.

The price of this tour is starting at 210€. The prices are for your total party, not per person. Entrance fees or other extra expenses (like food, drinks, or transport) are not included. Because each visit is customized contact me for a precise budget.

A trip to Barcelona in mind?